Pr Grace Kitaka

My encounter with Pr Grace Kitaka, ‘the wolf in sheep clothing’

After the death of Apostle Deo Balabyekkubo, there came Pr Grace Kitaka who was a great worshiper. This man of God could lead worship, and we could feel the presence of God. I admired him so much because of his talent in music. The way he was dressing, he used to put on good jeans and snickers, golden rings and chains. After seeing him for a few days, I approached him and told him my problems. And I told him that wanted to go back to school if he could help me. He told me that he was going to talk to our incharge; aunt Justine. He promised me that he could take me the next day to visit his home. Then the day came and he took me to their huge mansion in Mengo, near Bulange building. He took me around their compound and showed me the big tortoises that I had never seen in my life. They were three; Ronnie, Brian and Cissy.

In the evening, he took me back to church and he asked me to talk to aunt Justine that he was taking me to his home for adoption. When I talked to her, her face wasn’t happy because of my leaving but she finally Okayed my leaving. I packed my small kaveera with my clothes and shoes and we left. By then I thanked God for answering my prayers very fast because after the death of Apostle Balabyekkubo all our hope was gone because he was the one who had promised to take care of us including taking us back to school. I thought things were going to be tough on my side.

At pastor Grace Kitaka’s house, he introduced me to his mother princess Muggale other five boys he had adopted earlier. Most of them were older than me like Aaron, Ssebwana, Andrew Kalibala, Kiberu, and Wilberforce Bezudde. Aaron was looking was looking after cows, Ssebwana was playing drums, Andrew Kalibbala was a pianist, Kiberu was a base Guitorist and Wilberforce was the youngest and attending school at Kyaggwe road Primary School.  I was also introduced to other two brothers of Pr Grace Kiataka; Chris Mubiru and Peter Kitaka. I also met their only sister Irene Kisingiri. We were later joined by two other boys he adopted from Prayer Palace Kibuye; David Lule and Rogers Mukasa. This entire family stayed on the same mansion. Apart from Pr Grace Kitaka, both his two brothers and the sister had biological children out of wedlock. Chris Mubiru had Moses Mubiru, Peter Kitaka had Hebert Nsubuga while their sister Irene Kisingiri had five children each from a different man (Andrew, Judith, Frida, Olivia and Rebecca).

The pastor was a good guardian. He provided for my basic needs (clothes, food and shelter) and whenever I could ask for money he could give it me without hesitation. However, I noticed one strange thing about him, though his apartment had four rooms, we used to sleep with him in one room. When bedtime reached, we could lay our mattresses round about his bed. He also slept with one of us, Wilberforce, on his bed. That same was used as the sitting room during day time. The pastor could move only in pants (almost naked) every time he was at home carefree, a habit which was picked by most of the other boys. Another strange thing, Pr Grace Kitaka, all the five years I spent at his house, we never had prayers as housemates though he could bring us a lot of movies which we could watch with him. Also every time his mother could declare a week of fasting, pastor Grace Kitaka could smuggle food for us; his boys.  This had a negative impact on my salvation as I was still an infant who needed spiritual nourishment.

When time came for me to go school like he had promised, he took me to Dynamic Secondary School in Kisenyi and he introduced me to the headmaster as his son, Julius Kitaka. Pr Grace Kitaka cautioned me to stay away from girls like any good parent could bid his child. He told me not engage in sports at school though he didn’t give a reason. One evening while I was returning home with a group three female classmates, he passed in a special hire. A few seconds later, the car reversed and he jumped out. He picked a nearby rod and he spanked me seriously for breaking his rules of not associating with girls. The girls laughed at me and passersby stopped to watch the drama. I was so embarrassed before my classmates. That is one of my biggest embarrassments I had. He then asked me to go home and slash as a additional punishement. Another saga happened when I went with our school boxing team to a boxing competition at Lugogo. He came at school looking for me in the evening hours to escort him in town but he didn’t find me there. When I returned home that evening, he asked me where I was coming from, I lied to him that I was having classes at school. He became furious since he had prior knowledge with his belt. He cautioned me never to break his rules again else I will be expelled from his home.

Soon after I had started school in 1996, in my senior two, Pr Grace Kitaka left Prayer Palace to join his long time friend Pr Isaac Kiwewesi Kyobe at Kansanga Miracle Centre and he took us along with him (the boys he was taking care of). Since he was talented in music, his major task there was training the worship team.

Around the same time, he started taking me to his bathroom to masturbate him. Can you imagine a so called man of God who is supposed to be an icon of truth turning into a devil’s agent (Mathew 18:1-6). I also picked this habit from him. He used to make me do his detestable habits twice or thrice a week. He also used to make the other boys do the same to him. One day I found him with David Lule doing the same. Lule got scared but the pastor defended their act by saying that he was helping Lule to straighten up his penis since it was bent since childhood. From that day Lule became my good friend since we were going through the same torture.

While we were at Kansanga Miracle Center, we met several pastors; Pr Imelda Namutebi, Pr Jeff and Pr Sofa. Pr Grace Kitaka and Namutebi worked together closely. On one occasion, they were commissioned to take the gospel to Rwanda by the senior pastor, Isaac Kiwewesi. During the mission Pr Grace Kitaka was sleeping with Dennis and David Lumu in one tent. When this information reached Pr Kiwewesi, he drove to Rwanda unexpectedly, he preached the last day and they all returned to Kampala. The Sunday after the Rwanda trip, we saw drama in Church. They had two choirs, one led by pr Kiwewesi and the other led by Pr Kitaka. The one for Pr Kiwewesi always ministered first to that of Pr Kitaka after which the preacher of the day would be introduced by Pr Kitaka. Changes had already started. After Pr Kiwewesi’s choir ministered, Pr Kiwewesi got the microphone and said that from today onwards, Pr Kitaka and Pr Namutebi are suspended from ministry until further notice. Kitaka went straight to the pulpit and the fight for the microphone started. He succeeded to snatch the microphone from Pr Kiwewesi and bided farewell to the congregation. An old woman came from behind and tore the Luganda bible before Pr Kiwewesi and Kitaka though this could not stop these two pastors fighting. Many people in the church started crying. A third of the worship team also followed Pr Kitaka and two special boys of Pr Kiwewesi. That group moved to the parkyard and started jubilating. Pr Namutebi stayed in church but Pr Kiwewesi started preaching though he didn’t tell the congregation the cause of ther misunderstanding. The next Sunday, Pr Namutebi also left Kansanga Miracle Centre to join Kitaka which led to the birthing of Liberty Worship Centre. Liberty Worship Center was established initially at Pr Grace Kitaka's home in their Compound. It began in tents as shelter.

On one occasion I escorted Namutebi's daughter, Sherry Nakitende, and i delayed to return. To my surprise, the Pr Kitaka refused me to enter the house. When it started raining, he opened the door and directed me to sleep in his office. After a while he came and ordered me to masturbate him. He later grabbed me, he pushed down to the carpet, undressed me and sodomized me. It was so painful, and screamed for help though none came to my rescue since it was raining and i could hardly be heard. I spent the whole night in tears and he cautioned me never to reveal that to anyone. In the morning I told his sister, but she couldn't help me. I also went to LC but i was advised to settle the matter from home. I went to Old Kampala Police but Kitaka sent his uncle, the late Masiki who came to settle the matter. I was taken to a clinic in Nakulabye belonging to Dr Kalibbala and i was treated and they had to drive back home. At time Pr Kitaka had ran away to hid in South Africa.


  1. Hello Julius,

    I listened to your testimony about how Pr. Grace Kitaka sodomised you and I felt really so concerned. I made sure I visited your blog though I haven't found much information as expected. I strongly feel you are fighting a good cause. We must do something to fight against homosexuality. It's a pity that the so-called people of God are the ones in the centre of it.

    You have this blog but I would support you to come up with a real blog and use it to fight this device in our country. You can create and develop a blog like mine,, to fight this bad practice that is damaging our society.

    Charles Kiyimba

  2. Hello sir its sad to read the horrible wickness done to this young man ..I am mad enough to SAY! Pitaka is a DEVIL he is not of CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD....BUT THE ANGELS will get him stong my brother.

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